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The kitchen is the heart of every home, there is a pulse and a heartbeat. No matter the size of the kitchen everyone always ends up in the kitchen.  It is because the energy and connection of the family can be felt in the kitchen.

The kitchen is our headquarters, a place to hold be heard. In our kitchen's we start our day, decide our next move in life, share a laugh, wipe a tear, pour a dear friend a cup of tea or a well deserved glass of wine. 

I am convinced women can heal the universe, bring world peace and solve any problem one meal at a time right out of our kitchen's!  The world should put everything aside and let us work our magic.

After the kitchen is clear and everyone has been sent on their's time to start! I turn on music, light a candle and process through my day as I chop, mince, zest and sauté up my next meal. I infuse my love and healthful thoughts into my meal, visualizing the happy faces I will be feeding soon. Often times I will be making soup for some one not feeling well...I see the person fully healed. This is cooking with love and intentions.

I have been fortunate to have traveled Europe and experienced cooking classes in France, Italy and have spent time in the shuks of Israel. My cooking experiences have taught me to cook as a way of life, buying fresh, organic produce, connecting with the community, slowing down and enjoying the total experience.

I started the Muse Kitchen cooking classes to share my passion. I have learn way more than I teach by the beautiful people that join me for the experience. I am looking forward to having you add your light to the Muse Kitchen, come and see what it is all about!

With Love and Gratitude,